May Tastings

Crosstown Tastings

Friday May 5th – Vancouver Island Brewing 4-8pm

Friday May 5th – Circus Wines 4-7pm

Saturday May 12th – Strathcona Brewing 4-8pm

Friday May 19th – Percy’s Lemonade & XFour Flavoured Vodkas 4-7pm

Saturday May 20th – Percy’s Lemonade & XFour Flavoured Vodkas 4-7pm

Friday May 26th – Oyster Bay Wines 3-7pm

Saturday May 27th – Sea Cider 4-8pm


Burrard Tastings

Friday May 5th – Emotivo Tasting – 4-8pm

Friday May 12th – Oyster Bay Tasting – 4-8pm

Friday May 19th – Strathcona Beer Tasting – 4-8pm


West End Tastings

Friday May 5th – Sauza tequila 4-8pm

Saturday May 13th – Strathcona Pilsner, ESB & British IPA 4-8pm

Saturday May 21st – TWA Dogs Pilsner, Pale Ale and IPA 4-8pm

Saturday May 28th – Pompita Sangria Red and White 4-8pm