Staff Picks

August Staff Picks

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West End Staff Pick:

Stratchcona Radler 6pk Beer $15.75

This light fruity summer filled six pack boast a strong orange citrusy/lemon flavor with a punch of 4% alcohol. This gives that Radler the edge over this summer’s thirst quenchers. The fact that “Beach” is written right on the can is an indication of the kind of adventures it was designed for.

  • Tim

Burrard Staff Pick


Jim Beam Black 750mL $29.95


If you’re a bourbon lover, this is without a doubt one of the best value products on the market. The beautiful gold/amber color of Jim Beam Black is from it being aged three times the minimum required time (total of 6 years) in oak barrels. This delivers aromas of vanilla, corn and toasted oak. It has an incredibly smooth and rich finish with a slight sweetness. Be sure to line your mouth with a small sip to activate those taste buds then follow with a second sip to appreciate those caramel and cinnamon undertones. Perfect over ice or with a mixer, this bourbon is a stand out for the price and a true representation of the standard Jim beam produces across the board.  A well priced, balanced, rich and flavorful bourbon!


  • Tom


Crosstown staff pick:


Backcountry Brewing Widowmaker IPA beer $18.75 4-pack tall cans


As someone who is new to liking IPA’s, this one caught me by surprise. As it is an unfiltered beer, the IBUs somehow seem lower than most IPA’s I’ve had and therefore I find it very drinkable. Lots of flavour of citrus and stonefruit with a full body that backs up all the flavour.

  • Rick