Staff Picks

June Staff Picks

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Burrard Staff Pick

Naramata Pear Cider 4pk $16.95

Made with 100% locally grown pears, Naramata Cider Company delivers a cider that has a light aroma with a pale straw color and plenty of fizz. Refreshing, gluten free and great for the outdoors. So fire up the grill, throw a few pork chops on and let the pairing sensation begin!




Crosstown Staff Pick

Meadow Vista Bliss Cherry Mead 500ml $19.50

“This mead has added cherries in it, giving it nice juicy cherry and plum flavours. Fruity yet tart. Even a little reminiscent of a pinot noir wine with its light body and refreshing nature. As this is a sparkling mead, I love it for pairing with foods, especially picnic fare in the sun”

– Harsha



West End Staff Pick

Hey Y’all Watermelon Cooler 6pk $13.40

At 5% alcohol this six pack is wicked refreshing and what you need on a hot summer day, these fly off the shelves.

– Matthew