Staff Picks

April Staff Picks



Burrard Staff Pick

Steel & Oak Towers & Trains 500mL $5.00

This Earl Grey IPA challenges the dominant perception of IPAs. Rather than packing the palette performance of popular IPAs, this Towers & Trains traces the trajectory of a dessert; and accompaniment to a meal that can be enjoyed before, after, or instead of a main course. Steel & Oak’s execution of this Earl Grey IPA offers a hint of bergamot in a very balanced IPA that goes down smooth and will leave you wanting more.



Crosstown Staff Pick

Monte Creek Foch 750ml $25.40

“I have been loving this wine ever since I tried it. A different grape than most are used to seeing, it lives up to the expectation of its uniqueness. Pours a beautiful inky purple hue, with aromas of raspberries and plum and tastes earthy and herbaceous.   Good structure, almost a full-bodied wine so it is great with food. Monte Creek you have righted the wrongs of the past with this grape varietal.”

– Ivette


West End Staff Pick

Hearthstone’s Cali Common 473ml can $4.10

This Common drinks like an introductory IPA, with just a touch of hops in a super easy to drink lager style beer. “The one day the sun came out, this was the beer that I had”. Light and refreshing, this will be the go to for the summer.