Staff Picks

July Staff Picks

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Burrard Staff Pick:

Van Gogh Espresso Vodka 750mL $53.50

One of the smoothest vodkas I’ve ever tried. This espresso vodka has a bittersweet espresso taste to it, along with a silky chocolate finish to it. Perfect served cold to sip, or mixed with an oz of Kahlua and topped up with some coffee if you need a pick me up.



Crosstown Staff Pick:

Twin Sails Dat Juice 4-pack tall cans $17.55

“This beer is, as the name would suggest, a juice bomb! Loads of citra hops make it stand out with flavours and aromas of lemon and orange and the wheat in it adds some refreshing body to it. Perfect for the warm weather we have finally gotten!”



West End Staff Pick:

Lighthouse Brewing Citrus Shore Session Ale 473ml cans $16.65

This light, refreshing ale with just a touch of mandarin orange zest is perfect for sharing with a few friends in the sun. With the low level of hops sitting at 12 IBU this is super crushable for the summer. Come get it while it lasts!

– Jonny