Staff Picks

August Staff Picks

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Burrard Staff Pick

Driftwood – Cry Me A River Gose – 650ml $7.75

Driftwoods Cry Me A River Gose has an unbelievable balance of hops and sour. It is not overbearing either way and makes for a perfect easy going summer day beer. Like the story on the bottle suggests, your skiff may be tethered onto her allure just like you will be tethered to the taste of this exceptional beer. The price is only $7.75 however it may wind up setting you back more after your first taste as you will almost certainly be wanting more afterwards! A great introductory sour beer.


West End Staff Pick

Fat Tug IPA – 6 pack cans – $18.25

This Staff pick is universal. EVERYONE here in the West End is super excited to announce the new Fat Tug 6pack case was just released. It’s only been on the market for 2 weeks but it’s already flying off the shelves! These gorgeous painted cans are your favorite IPA in a new convenient package! Come get yours today!!


Crosstown Staff Pick

Bottega Prosecco 750ml – $21.50

This dry prosecco carries a slight hint of sweetness, pale straw in colour with flavours of green apple, pear, citrus and honeysuckle. Effortlessly refreshing for this hot Vancouver summer.

– Ivette