Staff Picks

July Staff Picks

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Crosstown Staff Pick

Fuggles & Warlock – Gin & Lime Pilsner 6pk can – $17.35

“Thirst-quenching doesn’t begin to describe this beer from the team that brought you The Last Strawberry Wit beer. After a long, hot summer’s day you may be tempted to turn towards that familiar Mexican beer with a wedge of lime in the neck… Don’t. This beer has everything you love about the combination of crisp beer and fresh citrus, and so much more. Infused with Unruly Gin, this citrus first beer has the makings to become your summer beer of 2018.”

– Jesse

Burrard Staff Pick

Field House Cuvée Blanc Farmhouse – 500ml bottle – $12

This Abbotsford made Foeder beer pairs perfectly with any patio. Fermented with wine yeast, aged in white oak, and conditioned on pinot noir grape pomace with a wild brett culture, this truly remarkable beer has the tartness of a sour, the flavour of a white wine, and the bouquet of a farmhouse ale. An excellent beer for a beer expert or amateur alike.

– Michael


West End Staff Pick

Muddlers Moscow Mule in 6pk cans – $15

This heavily gingered vodka drink is as close as you can get to a hand poured cocktail from Minsk. All that’s missing is a little bit of ice and a copper stein. These summer killers are only $15. Come get them while it’s hot!

resident metal head – Jayme