Staff Picks

June Staff Picks

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Bridge Lemon Gin Saison 650ml – $8.50

Brewed with French Saison yeast with the addition of juniper berries and coriander. It could fool you into thinking you’re enjoying a high end, gin barrel aged, cork & cage limited release. Instead, this deadly summer seasonal from Bridge comes in comfortably below $9 on the shelf. They’ve thrown in some lemon peel to brighten the whole thing up resulting in one hell of summer sipper.

– Dana



Fuggles & Warlock Strawberry Wit 650ml – $8.45

Upon thinking of a beer (or any liquor for that matter) to try, a tinge of apprehension clouded my mind when I gazed towards the Fuggles and Warlock, ‘The Last Strawberry’ wit beer. The artwork immediately captured my attention as I found it drew similarities to a character from the Legend of Zelda video game. Although I, unfortunately, spilled a quarter of the beer trying to pry it open with a lighter, the first taste had my taste buds hooked from the moment I took a sip. This beer possessing a smooth, and silky quality with notes of a milky glimmer. This milky flavor present, because of the lactose infused in the beer; this being something I initially thought of as odd, pleased me in the end. The subtle flavor of strawberries was appetizing, this likely because they are a fruit that I regard as one of my favorites which overall contributed to my newfound fondness for this beer. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this beer, and I plan to recommend it in the future to customers as it fits the criterion for what I would consider an enjoyable and light summer beer.

– Julien


West End

Nude Vodka Soda – $15.70

Blown away by all the flavors of Nude Vodka Soda! We have 3 refreshing flavors (classic lime, Strawberry Kiwi and of course, Peach) this simple yet refreshing range of coolers is perfect for a hot summer’s day on your balcony. Coming in a very quenchable 5%, it’s an absolute must try for the summer. – Karin