Deals of the Month – June 2019



Phillips Gold Lager – $1 off – $14.25

Although they are known for their fine ales like Blue Buck, Phillips also dips their toe into the craft lager market. Drinking light and clean, this lager comes in at a great price for all those making the jump from Domestic beers into the Craft Beer scene.

Phillips Octobox – $2 off – $26.00

Ale lovers, don’t panic! Also new from Phillips is their Octobox. This bright and colourful mix pack contains 4 different beers and a total of (you guessed it) 8 tall cans. It has a little bit of everything for those of us who are indecisive – something hazy, something hoppy, something fruity! Perfect refreshment for those balmy summer afternoons.



Absolut 750ml – $2 off – $28.90

Made from winter wheat in Sweden, Absolut is one of the top selling spirits in the world.  With a smooth neutral flavor, it is the perfect addition to a number of holiday cocktails.



Raymi Cabernet Sauvignon – $1 off – $10.50

Raymi Sauvignon Blanc – $1 off – $10.50

This month we are featuring two bargain wines from Chile. Raymi Sauvignon Blanc is fresh and fruity, perfect for patio sipping. Raymi Cabernet Sauvignon has notes of black fruit and cedar, perfect for a BBQ in the sunshine. Don’t miss this great deal!